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Surplus Liquidation Auctions provides excellent online auction and expert auctioneer services.

We provide complete hassle-free services to our customers and put in our 100% to reach their expectations.

Our experienced and knowledgeable staff use their skills to make sure your needs and expectations are exceeded.

Our full service auction company is an approved K-BID vendor and is licensed in the five state area, which includes MN, WI, SD, ND and IA.

property auctionsAre you looking for hassle-free online auctions services? We undertake online auctions at Minneapolis and are experts in the industry as we have years of experience and known for a hassle-free online auction. We manage auctions online in basically every object be it real estate, antiques and artifacts, trucks and cars, guns, ATV’s, RV’s, ammo, tools, and the likes. We have carried out auctions and you can browse through the gallery which has pictures, videos and item information all in details.

We Online Auction Minneapolis experts are your friend for online auctions and work in assisting you in commercial as well as industrial auctions. In this process, we have helped out numerous people who have tried to solve their liquidation problems by selling used items rapidly and competently. People who have bought these items have also gained from our service and so say their testimonials that our service has given them total satisfactory results. If you are ready to buy or sell, we can help you.


Why Choose Online Auction Minneapolis?

online auction expertsOur team at Minneapolis auction has a reputable association with all who are connected with us or wishes to connect. The service given by us ranges in a variety of industries which further helps us in exploring more and building a strong base with our patrons. The digital world has opened up new possibilities which we are utilizing to our advantage and together with the traditional marketing procedures are constantly working to raise awareness of your auction and maximize the profitability. Our Minneapolis auction service is respected for the proficient work and outcome.

Irrespective of the situation, whether it is to clear out your space or if you are looking for a better deal on used equipment, we can make the process simple with our potent online bidding platform. We have a team of dedicated professionals who carry out the whole course of action of online bidding after explaining you the process in details.

Minneapolis Auction Calendar

Register To BidOur pre-booked online auctions are all updated in the auction calendar which can be viewed easily. You can easily check all upcoming auction related details given throughout the region in just a click. Vendors of industrial equipment who are looking for online auctions Minneapolis can rely on their deal with us will be successful because we conduct them with the highest degree of efficiency. Browse our calendar and check the novel and stunning finds that we have to offer. You can either do it alone or let our experts do the hard work as we have the knowledge, skill, devotion, and assets to safeguard that your auction goes off without a glitch.

Past Minneapolis Auctions

The past auctions that we have conducted in Minneapolis are all stated which can be checked. In the past, we have arranged auctions for objects ranging from real estate, personal and household property, currency, coins, and precious metals, industrial and commercial objects, farm equipment along with heavy tools and construction, sports gears and vehicles. All the sales are conducted after careful market research and the requirements of customers. To know more about our past online auctions held at Minneapolis, you can check the website and everything has been categorized and listed with maximum information and details that our team could give.

Sell Your Stuff Online

If you are looking to auction your used items online be it your vehicle or any household objects and make some cash, you have come to the right place. Give us a call at 612-432-1321 and talk to an auction expert who will assist you in your requirements. And once all the details have been communicated you can schedule a time and your slot is booked. Let us know what the object is and give us a clear understanding of your needs of what the price should be and our expert auctioneer will execute all the necessary procedures required. Our connections of independent partners manage numerous insolvencies with every auction held both for individuals and businesses.

For the Buyers

If you are someone who is looking to buy anything online or any used items available for a better deal in an online auction, we are here to help you. Be it clothing, books, cars, land or jewelry everything is available with us with a great variety and choice. We have been in the business for years and have a good amount of expertise as a backing and offer a huge assortment of items in the Minneapolis auction wherein sellers can get rid of unwanted items and buyers can bid instantly and get what they need in best deals possible. The best part is that we come to your place, list your objects, take pictures, register and start selling your items to a huge online audience.

Highly Recommended by Buyers and Sellers

Our service in auctions Minneapolis has been highly recommended by both buyers and sellers as the whole experience of the process to be fuss–free and supportive. According to customer testimonials, our service is prompt and very friendly. We have been rated to be the best of the best by online auction sellers and buyers as every step was explained to them, by our executives, very patiently and thoroughly. Our knowledge, skill, and expertise of the complexities of online auctions have been told to be spot-on. We work with full responsibility and manage the entire dealings maintaining a great level of integrity and reliability.

As per our clients, we have very honestly coordinated with all legal and contract documents with respect to all issues that can arise. We have been highly recommended for our ability to organize the entire auction process and give the maximum value to both the seller and buyer. With this feedback, we take great pride in our work and will continue to be of service to our patrons.


How does online auction work?

Info For Buying OnlineOnline auctions are similar to massive online flea markets wherein sellers list one or more objects at a time or at different times depending on the frequency. Practically it works the same as local auctions but the back-end work where there is a processing of data collection is continuously updated. Just like local auctions, the winners are anticipated to pay for what they bid for at the end of each auction held online.

What are the benefits of online auctions?

The benefits of online auctions are many but what tops the list is convenience – the most important advantage of an online auction is that you can take part being at the comfort of your home. The second benefit is that these auctions are open all the time and you can log in whenever it is comfortable for you. The other benefits are lots and lots of choices and instant feedback system.

What do I need to do to bid in an online auction?

To bid in an online auction it is important that you first register with us so that you know of all the details of the auctions that will be held. Next is to offer a unique bid, know all the terminologies involved and keep a track of all other buyers’ bids. It is very important that you read all the feedback and reviews by other bidders which helps a lot while buying a product online.

When is the best time to bid on an online auction item?

If you are really looking to buy an item then put in your maximum bid and let the object find the level. If it goes beyond your bid, you can clearly assume that the market value is high and that on the next bid you can raise your price expectations. The best time would be to understand the demand of the scene and then place a bid.

Have Questions? Contact Our Online Auction Minneapolis Experts Now!

In case of any questions that you have, you can call us at 612-432-1321 or send an email at stating your query. Our experts are more than happy to address your questions and waiting to resolve any query that you have.