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Helpful Tip: Play close attention to the Details, Terms, Directions and Shipping tabs that are found on the bottom of the auction page. This will notify you of the inspection and removal dates, accepted payment types, the auction location and contact information. Shipping should not be assumed, but is available on some auctions.

Inspection Times

If the auction your are bidding on is in a local area, use the inspection times to see the items before you bid! Each auction has a scheduled inspection date and time or allows you to make an appointment. Make sure you take advantage of these days to make sure the item is exactly what you are looking for. Independent affiliates do their best to accurately describe and photograph items, but each item is sold as-is and we leave it up to the bidders to determine each items value.

No Bid-Sniping!

No sniping is allowed! Every item is extended a 3 minute overtime after the last bid has been placed. Make sure to refresh the pages so you are getting the most accurate status of an item. The no-sniping rule ensures other people can’t steal an item in the last seconds and that it’s a fair auction for everyone.

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Best in the business. Knows his market, takes care of customer and his clients. Highly recommend.

J Scott

I bought a bunch of equipment from a recent auction and the transaction was very smooth. I didn’t inspect the items before bidding, and it turned out one item was obviously not as described — the post said the item worked, and it didn’t.

Matt reviewed my request, realized there had been an error, and took the item back, no questions asked. He was quick in his response and resolved it for me within a day.

Inspect before you bid, certainly — that’s just good sense. But these guys did good by me when I had a problem and I wouldn’t hesitate to buy from them again.

Dan E.

I have nothing but good this to say about this company. Very professional and courteous staff. I bought a large number of items on an auction which took two days to remove. They helped every step of the way. I will definitely be more apt to bid on items if they are facilitating the auction. Thanks!!

Jesse O.

Fantastic to work with, my first time out with them, there was an issue with an item I purchased, and the took care of the issue immediately!!

Terry M.

Resolved a problem I had with a auction. Thank you for being a stand up operation.

Matt W.

Excellent service! Matt, Mike, and Brian are all great to work with. Highly recommend!

Curt C.