Deephaven Estate Auction

Power Tools, Vintage Goods, and So Much More!

Surplus Liquidation Auctions is heading to Deephaven, MN for our upcoming estate auction! This auction features a lot of quality content, including a Polaris UTV, a lawn mower, snow blower, boat motors and more. In addition to the heavy equipment, there are power tools galore and quite a bit of interesting vintage finds as well.

What You’ll Learn

  • This auction has something for everyone.
  • We have great equipment for your shop or garage.
  • A new UTV or lawn more would be a great way to prepare for summer around the corner!

Listen To The Audio

Transcript for Deephaven Estate Auction

Mike Hopper: Hey. Mike Hopper with Surplus Liquidation Auctions and K-BID. We are in Deephaven today starting the process of an estate sale. As you can see behind me, the house and the garage that is unattached as well as the garage that is attached, we are going to have a series of sales here. Let’s go take a look around and see what’s going to be on the first sale.

Okay. Here’s a look at the driveway. As you come up into the location where we are, one of our guys is moving one of the trailers around that we’re going to have on the sale, but here’s a look at the house and the couple of garages. Skid loader will be for sale at a later date but as we get started, one of the things that’s on this first sale is a Polaris UTV. I don’t know what year it is yet but it is a Polaris Ranger, fully operational and functioning. We’re going to have some lawnmowers and snow blowers and a little Polaris four wheeler on this sale. One of the other bigger items is this car lift. It’s a rotary lift. It’s already obviously disassembled and ready for hauling, but all the parts are here and it was operational when they took it out of the shop that it was in, so there’s that.

Lining the shelves is all kinds of power tools, some new in the box, others are used items. But you can see there’s some brand new items like this MegaMax ladder, there’s vintage items on this sale as well, including this cool 19th century trunk. We have a rigid table saw. Again, as you can see, there’s all kinds of tools on this sale. One of the other bigger items is some White Pine Tongue and Groove. There’s actually two pallets full of this stuff right here. I don’t know the square footage on it yet but as you look at it, you can see that it’s been stored inside for the last 15 years. Looks like it’s in really good shape, minus some dust and All of that. We got a little pedal car, AMF pedal car. There are boat motors, probably seven or 10, seven to 10 boat motors and all kinds of gas cans on this sale. There will be a complete rack full of odds and ends and parts and tools. So that gives you a flavor of this first sale. We’ll see you soon.