Plymouth Surplus Industrial and Manufacturing Equipment Sale

Industrial Equipment Out of a 70,000 Square Foot Warehouse!

Mike Hopper is back to give you the rundown of our latest auction! This plan is liquidating equipment out of its 70,000 square foot space, and that means plenty of opportunities for would-be buyers!

We’ve got tools, tables, a pressure washer, and more. You won’t want to miss this fantastic opportunity!

What You’ll Learn

  • We have so much for sale in this large auction!
  • From tools and shop tables to large-scale generators and pumps, there’s something for everyone!
  • Looking for valves? Check this auction out.

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Transcript for Plymouth Surplus Industrial and Manufacturing Equipment Sale

Mike Hopper:

Hey, it’s Mike Hopper with Surplus Liquidation Auctions and K-Bid, back at you here. We are on site in Plymouth today at a huge 70,000 square foot warehouse where we are going to be selling a ton of industrial equipment. It’s surplus, manufacturing, and industrial equipment out of this plant. They are needing to move out a bunch of their equipment to replace it with new stuff.

So, that’s kind of a look at the building behind me and here’s a street view of where we are up in Plymouth off of 27th avenue north. So once you get here, you’ll be able to see everything that we’re trying to do to get stuff out of this building right here. Come on inside, I’m going to show you around and give you a couple of ideas on what’s going to be on this sale.

All right, here we are inside the plant in Plymouth where we’re doing the sale for the industrial and manufacturing equipment. Here’s the machine shop and you can get an idea of what some of the stuff is that we’re looking at here in the machine shop. But we’ve got all kinds of metal tables and tools and then you’ve gotten a settling torch or tank inside the machine shop. We’ve got a pressure washer here. We’ve got racking, a settling tank. Some rigid pipe threading equipment, all kinds of tools, welders. Drill press.

Were back outside in the back of the plant. You can see this cooling tower here that’s going to be on the sale, an SPX cooling tower. And then over here on the side of the building there’s a large Generac… diesel Generac generator. That’ll be on the sale as well. All right, in this area of the plant we’ve got all kind of job boxes and industrial size fans, bollards and then if you need pumps we have pumps. So we’ve got positive displacement pumps, we’ve got all kinds of vacuum pumps. So you can kind of get a feel for what’s on the sale here. But like I said, you’ve got your positive displacement.

There’s vacuum pumps over here, all kinds of different pumps as you can see. Last thing I’ll show you here that’s going to be on the sale is all kinds of valves. Different sizes, different shapes, but all kinds of valves for all kinds of different uses and pumps when it comes to the pumps that I just showed you. And there’s a filtration system that’s going to be on the sale as well over here. But this gives you an idea of what’s what’s upcoming here.

Need pallet racking? We got pallet racking on this sale as well. They’re 16 foot tall uprights with cross beams and there’s 10 foot, but you can see some of the 16 and 10 foot here, as well as some of the 16 foot pallet racking. That’s going to be here as well. As always, it’s the buyer’s responsibility to be able to neatly and safely disassemble and take down the pallet racking and a lot of the other things that are here, but this one’s going to be a good sale. I’ll talk to you soon.