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Surplus Liquidation Auctions makes selling in online auctions easy. We ensure successful online auctions with our own auction process developed specifically to enhance auction exposure to the right audiences. That means more buyer interest in more auction items for maximum results. Contact us today to learn more about our auction process and see why our clients enjoy working with us!

We come to you!

We’ll come to your location, catalog your items, take the photos, list and sell your assets to a large online audience.

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Municipal Car Auction

We’ve got online auctions down to a science. 

We follow a very specific process that enables us to inventory and list your items as fast as possible. Our tried and true method provides coordination and efficiency throughout the entire process.

The speed and convenience will make the liquidation process more efficient and hassle free!

Examples of what we sell at an online auction:

Vehicle Fleets

Heavy Duty Trucks

Construction Machinery

Surplus Materials

Commercial Vehicles

& Much More

Construction Machinery Liquidation

Liquidation for new and used heavy equipment and commercial machinery.

Government & Municipal Auctions

Public agencies or departments that need to liquidate assets such as surplus equipment and vehicles.

Going Out of Business Liquidation

Selling assets, inventory, industrial machines and equipment before shutting down.

Surplus Sales

Selling excess inventory, materials or other assets to free up some cash.

Non Profit Auctions

Such as Salvation Armies, who sell donated vehicles every six weeks.

Truck with Snow Plow for Auction
Surplus Inventory Liquidation Auction
Municipal Asset Auction
Dirt Bike for Auction

Increased Auction Bidding Times

Surplus Liquidation Auctions average 200-300 hours of bidding time (compared to live auctions which have 3-5 minutes bidding time). More time for bidding, means more exposure and more success.

Wider audience increases auction activity, and sale prices!

When you list your items for sale in our online auction, you’ll gain exposure to hundreds of thousands of registered bidders. More exposure means more bidding activity – and more bidding activity means higher sale prices for you!

The online auction marketplace is a growing industry. Our online auctions are the modern equivalent to a “Going Out of Business Sale” or an “Surplus Inventory Sale”. Whereas before these events would happen on location, now they are sold online!

Contact us today to learn more about selling in online auctions!

Online Auctions FAQ’s

How does an online liquidation auction work?

Online auctions are similar to local auctions. An item is photographed and has a description explaining it. Once you register and create an account you can bid on any items online. The bidding platform will keep updating with the highest bid until the final bid is made. The highest bidder will be notified on how to send payment along with shipping information or on how to pick up their goods.

What are the benefits of online auctions?

Convenience – you can buy or sell 24/7 from the comfort of your home. Inventory – large variety of items and instant feedback.

What types of online auctions do you facilitate?

We help liquidate assets owned by individuals, private businesses, lenders, cities, counties and more. Our online auctions typically include: industrial surplus, commercial equipment, trucks, individual vehicles and vehicle fleets, construction machinery and heavy equipment surplus.

Why should I sell via online liquidation auction?

When you have a substantial surplus inventory or large assets, it can be a challenge to liquidate everything in a timely manner. Our online asset auction process is streamlined to sell assets fast. We work to attract a wide audience looking to bid on the exact assets being auctioned.

What can I expect my items to sell for?

Check out our Past Auctions to view detailed bid information on all auctioned assets.

Why should I choose Surplus Liquidation Auctions to facilitate my online auction?

Selling is made simple with our streamlined process. We come to your location to carry out all necessary cataloging and photography. The assets are then listed and sold via online auction.

How does working with Surplus Liquidation Auctions help sellers and buyers?

Our efficient and effective online auction process is designed to connect buyers and sellers for the most beneficial results possible. We feature longer bidding times in order for our online liquidation auctions to be more accessible to buyers.

Do businesses and individuals actually use online auctions to buy and sell equipment and vehicles? How popular are online auctions?

Both businesses and individuals are engaging in online purchases now more than ever. Our growing audience and expanding reach as a business means more exposure for your assets.

How do I get a consultation with Surplus Liquidation Auctions?

If you’re looking to auction your used items online and make some cash, you’ve come to the right place! Call us at 612-432-1321 for a free consultation. Once the details have been discussed we can schedule your auction and convert your assets to cash. You may also contact us via email or contact form available on our Contact Page.

What kind of items do you sell in your online auctions?

Commercial equipment, cars and trucks, construction equipment, commercial vehicle fleets, government fleets, heavy equipment, municipalities liquidation equipment and vehicles and more.

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Best in the business. Knows his market, takes care of customer and his clients. Highly recommend.

J Scott

I bought a bunch of equipment from a recent auction and the transaction was very smooth. I didn’t inspect the items before bidding, and it turned out one item was obviously not as described — the post said the item worked, and it didn’t.

Matt reviewed my request, realized there had been an error, and took the item back, no questions asked. He was quick in his response and resolved it for me within a day.

Inspect before you bid, certainly — that’s just good sense. But these guys did good by me when I had a problem and I wouldn’t hesitate to buy from them again.

Dan E.

I have nothing but good this to say about this company. Very professional and courteous staff. I bought a large number of items on an auction which took two days to remove. They helped every step of the way. I will definitely be more apt to bid on items if they are facilitating the auction. Thanks!!

Jesse O.

Fantastic to work with, my first time out with them, there was an issue with an item I purchased, and the took care of the issue immediately!!

Terry M.

Resolved a problem I had with a auction. Thank you for being a stand up operation.

Matt W.

Excellent service! Matt, Mike, and Brian are all great to work with. Highly recommend!

Curt C.