Shakopee Total Rental Equipment Liquidation Auction Part 2

A Bobcat Excavator, Attachments, Tables and More!

Mike Hopper of Surplus Liquidation Auctions is back once again with more from our Shakopee Total Rental liquidation auction!

There is so much to see on this auction, from heavy equipment like our Bobcat E20 to augurs and bits and a massive supply of tables. This is one that shouldn’t be missed, and it’s easy enough to keep track of on our Auctions Page!

We always have an amazing array of items up for auction, so be sure to check us out today!

What You’ll Learn

  • We have a great selection if items up for bid right now!
  • Our auctions are easy to access.
  • From heavy equipment to party supplies like grills, tables, and more, we’ve got something for everyone!

Listen To The Audio

Transcript for Shakopee Total Rental Equipment Liquidation Auction Part 2

Mike Hopper:

Hey, Mike Hopper with Surplus Liquidation Auctions in K-BID. We are back in Shakopee at Total Rental and doing another sale for their liquidation.

As you can see, there’s the building. Let’s go take a walk inside and see what’s on this sale. All right. As you can see, we’re creating space here, and getting rid of some items already, but on this next upcoming auction for the Shakopee Total Rental liquidation we’ve got a Bobcat excavator. I think it’s an E20…. Yep. An E20. Tracks. So that’ll be coming up on this next sale. We’ve also got another Toro Dingo that’s going to be sold on this next upcoming sale. We’ll take the ball hitch off and put a plate… Not a plate, sorry. A bucket for this Dingo, but it is operational and ready to work. Then we are selling some attachments, for either Bobcat or Dingo coming up on this next auction. We also have some augers and some bits that we’re going to be selling. Here is another attachment for the Dingo that is going to be on this upcoming sale. We’ll also have more tables and chairs. We’ve got round tables, both eight footers and six foot rounds, along with chairs. We will also have some six and eight foot banquet style tables on this upcoming auction.

Anybody need a grill? Check out this big, huge grill that is going to be on this next sale. Actually in great shape to be honest with you. It’s mobile. Able to be pulled by your truck. We’ll have a bunch more banquet style party supplies. There are going to be some more grills that are going to be on this sale with a bunch more items. So take a look as always. It’ll be on K-BID. You can get a bidder number and get started and start writing as soon as the sale is out. We’ll talk to you soon.