Shakopee Total Rental Equipment Liquidation Auction

An Auction of Tools, Heavy Equipment, and More!

Surplus Liquidation Auctions is kicking off a business liquidation sale in Shakopee, MN. Total Rental Equipment is going out of business and needs to liquidate its assets because the owner is retiring. In this auction we’ve got a Bobcat Skidder, a log splitter, air compressors, a stump grinder, BBQ grill, newer Snorkel lift, wet saws, tile saws, nail guns, and a wide range of construction equipment and power tools. Check it all out now, this is an online auction and bidding will start soon!

What You’ll Learn

  • Learn about our newest auction!
  • We have a log splitter for auction, air compressor, and more!
  • Saws, tools, vacuums and more are included in this auction!

Listen To The Audio

Transcript for Shakopee Total Rental Equipment Liquidation Auction

Mike Hopper: Hey my name is Mike Hopper. I’m with Surplus Liquidation Auctions and we’re an affiliate of K-BID. We are in Shakopee, Minnesota this morning and we’re about to embark on our next project. It is going to be a series of sales for Total Rental in Shakopee. Gentleman’s been in business for over 40 years and he is now retiring and living the good life!

So here’s a sampling of some of the stuff that’s going to be for sale on this current sale:

We’ve got an S175 Bobcat with the bucket, a log splitter. Back here we have a Dingo – Toro Dingo. And over here we have a Ingersoll Rand Compressor, air compressor. It’s got a John Deere engine in it – perfect size for small construction companies. Then you’ve got a Snorkel lift – that’s a pull behind Snorkel lift. I think the size on this one, yeah it’s a TL39. I think this one’s only like four or five years old so you’ll have to check this one out. What else do we have that’s on this sale here, I’m just going to walk back into the front. Got a tamper and then we’ve got vacuums and floor scrubbers. Wet saws, concrete and tile saws. We’ve got nailers and power tools. All kinds of different power tools that are going to be on this sale. Hose reel, all kinds of drill bits. Now there’s a few party rentals. There’s some lanterns, stump grinder and then a power trowel. And we’ve also got a stainless steel grill.

All right guys! This one’s going to be a good sale, so check it out start looking and seeing what you want to buy and what you want to bid on and we’ll go from there. Have a great day!