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We are the experts in liquidation auctions for heavy equipment, trucks, vehicles, surplus items and more! Our team takes pride in making the auction process easy for our clients. With specialized auction experience and extensive market knowledge, we are able to streamline successful liquidation auctions for municipalities, businesses, organizations as well as individual sellers.

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Heavy Equipment, Trucks, Vehicles, Surplus

We have experience selling everything from vehicle fleets to construction equipment and general surplus items.

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All documentation and auction set up is hassle-free. We photograph and document all items for sale and set up an online auction for a scheduled time frame. Our online auctions reach a vast audience on a high volume platform which makes bidding and purchasing simple. Whether you are looking to liquidate surplus inventory or are interested in buying  – We are here to help!

About St. Paul Liquidation Auctions

We have managed online asset liquidation auctions in Minnesota for over 20 years. As a trusted independent K-Bid affiliate, our goal is to do the most for our clients. We make sure all asset cataloguing and product listing is completed for maximum exposure to interested buyers. Our online auction process ensures a fair auction for both buyers and sellers. For any questions about how we can help you sell your assets, please contact us. We are ready to help!

Online Liquidation Auctions FAQ’s

How does an online auction work?

Online auctions are similar to local auctions. An item is photographed and has a description explaining it. Once you register and create an account you can bid on any items online. The bidding platform will keep updating with the highest bid until the final bid is made. The highest bidder will be notified on how to send payment and pick up their goods.

What are the benefits of online auctions?

Convenience – you can buy or sell 24/7 from the comfort of your home. Inventory – large variety of items and instant feedback.

What types of online auctions do you facilitate?

We help liquidate assets owned by individuals, private businesses, lenders, cities, counties and more. Our online auctions typically include: industrial surplus, commercial equipment, trucks, individual vehicles and vehicle fleets, construction machinery and heavy equipment surplus.

Why should I sell via online auction?

When you have a substantial surplus inventory or large assets, it can be a challenge to liquidate everything in a timely manner. Our online asset auction process is streamlined to sell assets fast. We work to attract a wide audience looking to bid on the exact assets being auctioned.

What can I expect my items to sell for?

Check out our Past Auctions to view detailed bid information on all auctioned assets.

How do I bid in an online auction?

Register as a user to receive your bidder number. Once you receive that, you can start to bid online. Make sure to read all the terms involved and keep track of the other buyers’ bids.

When is the best time to bid on an online auction item?

If you really want a particular item, put in your maximum bid and let the object find the level. If it goes beyond your bid, you can assume the market value is high and on the next bid you can raise your price expectations. It’s best to understand the demand of the item and place an educated bid.

More Information About Online Liquidation Auctions

If you’ve never done it before, buying or selling at an online auction is pretty simple!

We’ve had many auctions online. We’ve auctioned everything from comic books to mansions, and find that we deal with many of the same questions from buyers and sellers alike. We’ve listed the two most common questions below. If you have any other questions, we are happy to answer them. Just contact us – we are here for you!

Inspection Times

There is always a time when prospective bidders can some inspect items before they bid. Each auction has a scheduled inspection date and time or allows you to make an appointment. A bidder will want to take advantage of these days to make sure it is exactly what you are looking for.  We do our best to accurately describe and photograph, but all estate sales are as-is and where-is.

No Bid-Sniping!

No sniping is allowed! Every listing is extended into a 3 minute overtime after the last bid has been placed.  As a bidder, you want to make sure you are using the refresh button to get the most accurate status of an item! As a seller, this is when you are the most anxious! This no-sniping rule ensures nobody can steal an item in the last seconds, and that it’s a fair auction for everyone.

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