St Paul Woodworking Shop Auction

Amazing Array of Woodworking Tools and Machines!

From small tools to large-scale woodworking items and materials, this auction has an incredible array of items you can’t miss! Visit us at Our Online Auctions to check out all of our auctions and take advantage of the unique selection of items we have available.

What You’ll Learn

  • From big ticket items to smaller tools and pieces for your garage or home, we have an amazing array of items to look through!
  • There’s a tremendous amount of lumber and material for sale at this auction!
  • Don’t miss this unique opportunity to bid on great tools and machinery!

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Transcript for St Paul Woodworking Shop Auction

Mike Hopper: Hey, it’s Mike with Surplus Liquidation Auctions in K-BID. We are out in St. Paul this morning doing a setup of our next big auction that we’re doing here. It is an 11,000 square foot wood shop over in St. Paul. So I’m going to take you around and show you the different items that we’re going to have on the sale. Give you a preview of what’s to come, but stay tuned. This is going to be a good one.

As you can see, we have a large building that we’re trying to liquidate here on this sale in St. Paul. Give you an idea of some of the smaller stuff that we’re going to be doing on this sale. But there’s a paint booth here, that’s going to be going. There’s also a contained ventilated paint booth that’s going to be on the sale. All kinds of different materials, racking, large woodworking equipment. As you can see some more materials and racking along this wall.

We got a forklift that we’re going to be selling. I think the forklift is a Clark. So this gives you an idea of what the forklift is. A 25 E Clark. Huge table saw that is made by Altendorf. And then another huge table saw. I think it’s also made by Altendorf. There’s going to be entire dust collector systems that you’re going to be on this sale. We’ve got corded power tools and cordless power tools. Right here, we’ve got a CNC machine that we’re going to be selling. And then there’s an entire side over here where you’ve got, like I said, the power tools, corded and cordless. And we’ve got joiners and jigsaws. All kinds of different woodworking equipment that’s going to go on the sale. So this one’s going to be fantastic. Take a look, check it out. It’s going to be online here in the month of April. We’ll see you then have a great day.

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